The trend of Wall Decals Quotes

bedroom wall decals quotes

In recent years, wall decals quotes become trend, some encouragement or motivation to us, but some are just instructions. Most of these wall decals quotes painted on the wall of the bedroom; there is also a painting in the living room. Perhaps unusual is to paint in the bathroom.

The writing on the wall of the room is usually told about love, such as “I loved you yesterday, I love you still, I always have and always will”, or “always kiss me goodnight.’s”.  Words written on family room wall is different from the the bedroom. Such as “The love of a family makes life beautiful”, or “family is what happens when two people fall in love”. Writing in wall is not always about love and family, some wrote about spirit “alone we are strong, together we are stronger”.

custom vinyl wall decals quotes

And when we make a bathroom word, we can wrote “Bathroom rules: wash- brush-floss-flush”, is not that look funny. Or we could write our own words. Matching the theme of our stay we want for our homes. Anything we write should make the atmosphere becomes warmer, and looks beautiful. Do not write a bad thing. Wall decals quotes wall become beautiful accessories in besides paintings and photographs.

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