The Lesson of Softball Game Through softball quotes

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Softball is a typical sport game from US. The number of softball players are eight, nine, or then players in a team. This kind of games is very fun and needs the high quality of team works. Basically, this game is same as the other games which are need work in a team, exercise, perseverance, well physic, and so on. What makes it different is you need curve ball and bat as the weapons. Anyway, this game also reflects the value of life. That is why some people are inspired by this game to create softball quotes.

Follow is one of the good softball quotes that can be found. The quotation stated that when life is hard like throwing curve balls at you, God will give you a bat and he will show you how to swing.

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The quotation above compares between curve balls and bat to problem in life and how to solve it. Everyone ever gets problems in their life. Some are small, some are big. When someone’s life is hit by the problem, it is like when a curve ball is coming to you and you have to decide what must be done. The solution to solve the problem is like a bat. This bat is already given by God because God will never give you riddles without answers. It is called the lesson of life.

Softball goals are attained not by strength but by perseverance.”

The softball quotes above also gives a reflection that when you want to get your goal, perseverance is always needed. If you have only strength without perseverance, you will not earn you success. Perseverance, faith, and fight for your future are the keys to reach the goals.

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