The Confucius quotes from the Great Philosopher

confucius quotes about life

One of Chinese great philosopher is Confucius. He was also a teacher, editor, and politician. He created some confucius quotes which are famous, exist, and inspiring until now. Some of his sayings were purposed to criticize the social condition or the circumstances during his life and still relevant until today. Basically, his thoughts and quotes all about the life lessons, motivations, and respects.

One of the great confucius quotes about life lessons is below:

confucius analects quotes

Our greatest glory is not never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”

Some people forget that everything will always be good and perfect when they never experience of ruin or falling. They just only understand that if they never fail, means they get their glory or they are winning. But the person who knows about fight for life and live in difficulties, realize that their glory and blessed feeling is when they can look up. Look up when fall down and dare to never give up is the condition of someone who believes in hope. They win not because they never fall, but because they can face and pass it. Such a great happiness if some problems are well treated and make stronger.

confucius quotes also become the best quotation which are influence the other philosophers, author, academicians, and others. It is because he is a great person who has a deep impression about life lessons and has different point of view in seeing the social life experiences.

confucius quotes about life

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