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Who does not know Coco Chanel. French fashion designer and founder of the famous brand Chanel. Chanel is someone who changed the worldview of woman dress. One popular Coco Chanel quote is, “that a woman should be herself”. “We live only 1 time; use it with a good chance”. “Thing simple will make us look elegant”. “A success will only be achieved by those who are familiar with failure”.

She not just a fashion designer, but he changed the mindset of many women about who she, how they dressed, and how they should deal with life. Keep fighting and never give up on anything. Not only clothes coco Chanel created, he also created an aesthetic jewelry, handbags and fragrances. Coco Chanel quote that, a woman who does not wear perfume has no future, where should one use perfume? “Asked a young woman.” Wherever one wants to be kissed. “That makes perfume Chanel 5 so popular, and favored.

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Chanel is someone whose ambition and gave his life in the field of fashion.  Chanel died at the age of 87 years, when he was preparing his routine activities, such as catalogs for spring. One of the most Coco channels quotes is “The woman WHO has not at least one Chanel is hopelessly out of fashion.” Chanel philosophy is to emphasize that women should be modest and graceful, and it must be seen through the clothes that he wore. Chanel clothing wore always different, of her own creation. She has a pretty standard about taste he feels, and it’s a little different in those days.

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