Life Lesson from Elie Wiesel Quotes

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elie wiesel quotes become one of so many inspirational quotes which can tell people about life lesson. Elie Wiesel is just a book author but we can make sure that there are so many people who can change the world by arranging words into a book. Several books are written by Wiesel and people can find the quotes which are inspiring and they will be able to learn more about life especially humanity which is getting degraded time after time.

Philosophy of life can be found from elie wiesel quotes after all. People think that hate must be the opposite of love and ugliness is the opposite of art. People also think that heresy is the opposite of faith meanwhile death must be the opposite of life. However, he has the quote which said that the opposite of love, art, faith, and life is indifference. People must admit that there is deep philosophy he had in his quotes. His quote will also encourage people in activism. For example, he said that people can be unable to prevent injustice for so many times, but they will never fail to protest anytime.

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People also have to take side because they will only help the oppressor instead of victim with neutrality according to elie wiesel quotes

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