Hippie Quotes

anti hippie quotes

Hippie is a subculture that is created in the 1970s beginning with the Woodstock concert. This subculture embrace freedom of speech, freedom of fashion, freedom of drug using, and even freedom of sex. It is considered to be somewhat a rebellion against the existing society. Most of the hippies do not have a home or decided to run away from their home and choose to live nomadic.

Hippie quotes

anti hippie quotes

 Freedom of everything is the focal point of hippie quotes. Love is free and you can love everybody regardless of gender and age. The hippie era is the time when homosexuality is becoming more mainstream and less taboo than before. The hippie is also associated with anti-war statements towards the government. Celebrities like John Lennon are responsible for this because at the time the America is at war with Vietnam. The hippies are big music lover and they go to concerts and do drugs and just enjoying the day. These are the content of their quotes which are popular up to this day.

The hippie may be faded away but the statement and the spirit of freedom is going strong. We hope you use your freedom in using these hippie quotes in a positive way.

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