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Full Metal Jacket is a war film produced and directed by Stanley Kubrick. It is released in 1987 and based on a 1979 novel called The Short-Timers. The story follows a platoon that is training in the US Marines and story of the two of the platoon member during the Vietnam War. The title of the film refers to full metal jacket bullets type used by the soldiers. The film receives an Academy Award nomination for best adapted screenplay for Stanley Kubrick.

Full metal jacket quotes

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Full metal jacket quotes usually quotes that are related to war, especially World War 2. The quote from Private Joker for example is found in the ending scene of the movie. It represent that he is alive and his girl is now waiting at his home. The world may be a bad place but at least he is still alive.

And the quote from gunnery sergeant Hartman is also a famous one. He is warning the guy that is stabbing his friends from his back and tells him not to do it again. It shows that the marines are strict and any mistake can be punishable.

These full metal jacket quotes have great meaning and is widely used in the pop culture. We hope that it is useful for you.

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