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Frederick Douglass is an African-American writer, reformer, orator, and statesman. He became the leader of abolitionist movement in the United States and is famous for his great oratory skill. He escaped from slavery, and then formed a movement of anti-slavery in the United States. Frederick Douglas quotes are derived from his oration and his autobiography. He believed in the equality of all people, whether they are white, black, male, female, Indians, or any other people. He believed that equality is what America needed most.

Frederick Douglass quotes

narrative of the life of frederick douglass important quotes

The quotes from Frederick Douglass are taken from his dazzling oration and his many autobiographies. It centered on the equality of people and the abolition of slavery and discrimination. Douglass, a former slave, wanted that slavery must be banished from the country, because every human being has the same rights to live freely. America as a free nation should treat every race the same. Frederick Douglass is a pioneer and his follower soon began quoting him and using his words to spread the equality idea to other people.

Now the United States of America is free from slavery and one of the reasons for that is Frederick Douglass quotes. By learning about the history of slavery you can learn that the equality of people is important in the society.

frederick douglass quotes from his narrative

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