Che Guevara Quotes

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Che Guevara is an Argentine revolutionary, guerilla leader, and military strategist, who are a leading figure in the Cuban revolution in the 1950s. He has become the symbol of counter cultural and rebellion in today’s generation. The photograph of Che Guevara has become a fashion symbol and is worn all across the world by teenagers and adult alike. Che Guevara quotes are popular and used in rebel context.

Che Guevara Quotes

revolutionary che guevara quotes

Che Guevara quotes are somewhat military because the things that he has done. The quotes came from the speech and the bold statement that he mentioned during the war. With Fidel Castro he overturned Cuba from the United States backed government and Fidel Castro still rules Cuba up to this day. The impact of Che Guevara quotes in the pop culture is big and many movies and songs refer to Che Guevara because of his bold and strong statement. There are a lot of life lesson that can be picked from his quotes.

Che Guevara quotes are used in times of conflict because its controversy and strong statement that can overthrow the enemy. Learn more about Che Guevara quotes and see for yourself the quotation that is the best for you.

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