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For some people, the name Amelia Earhart is probably not a stranger anymore, but for most people, the name probably only rings a little and the image about the name owner maybe vague or even unknown to most. Well, if there is one thing we can say about the life and the historical presence of Amelia Earhart is that she is one of the most influential people in the history, or at least the aviation history. Her life and her disappearances are the things that intrigue people to find out more about her, and Amelia Earhart quotes are popular as it is capable of shedding some light to her being even just a little flicker.

She was known in the records of history as the first female aviator that had solo flight over the Atlantic Ocean. Not only that, she is also known as an author an members of National Woman’s party who fight for the rights of women. Amelia Earhart Quotes reflect her thoughts and opinion on things, and she did have an insightful insight on adventure and keen eyes for challenge.

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Many of her quotes revolve around her love of aviation and adventures, but many things about her life too. It reflects her feelings and thoughts on perspective of things, and they are simply wonderful. If not for her love for aviation, Amelia Earhart quotes are at least capable of giving us the glimpse of her thirst in adventure along with her life, even after her disappearances up to this day

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