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Ayn Rand was a popular American playwright, as well as a novelist, philosopher, and also a screenwriter. She is well-known for her two popular novels, entitled Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead. Ayn rand quotes are well known because her view as a philosopher makes her unique than the other.

Ayn Rand quotes

anti ayn rand quotes

Ayn Rand was a fiction novelist, and the novella is used by her as a media to tell her feelings and opinion about the world. Her best-selling novel Atlas Shrugged is ranked as one of the best novel ever written. This achievement is really outstanding and the book has been read by millions of people around the world. People began quoting the words that they found interesting from the novel and using it in their daily life. The characteristic about Ayn Rand quotes is usually they critique the government. The world is running not how it is supposed to run and man cannot do anything about it. She also talked a lot about criminals and the treatment of criminals.

These Ayn Rand quotes are simple but easily reflects the condition of the society in the time of her life. It is still relevant to use those quotations in our daily life even to this day.

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