5 Facts about Banksy Quotes

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Banksy is a street artist creating graffiti art to the street walls. He has made so many banksy quotes through his high art sense. His quotes have become inspirational motivation for many people in some occasions. To know well about bansky quotes, it will be explained five facts about those quotes. Banksy quotes create a new way in showing the message through quotes. When the quotes are usually made in a series of beautiful sentences, he applies a different way. He is trying to express it in simple way and sentences. But, the meaning of banksy quotes is never neglected. His quotes mostly take a theme of war, capitalism and government. Those themes are used to open people’s eyes to those serious social issues happening now.

Banksy quotes are also expressed in the walls with showing a sense of humor. It makes people seeing it laugh and smile to those quotes. He often caught controversial issues to his quotes. This issue is able to get people interest so that they read and understand those quotes. The symbolic messages of banksy quotes are about the limitation among politic, humor, art, philosophy and sociology. Those elements and features make meaningful banksy quotes with creativity. Those are five facts about banksy quotes that can be used to inspire people.

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